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Nap Time in early Modern South Asia


Curator's note: In the process of exploring numerous paintings from early modern South Asia, the sensorial details revealed abundant scents and flavours, but significantly, this world dedicated a language to the sublime concept of leisure! 

Across courtyards, camp sites and forests, are depictions of figures resting under the open sky on finely crafted beds on their moonlit terraces, or within the security of ornately embroidered tents, or under the cool shade of banana trees in gardens. Such visual delights made me consider my foundational intent for building Bagh-e Hind and inspired an offshoot that springs from my own pursuit of leisure and aimless "time-pass". More on my reasoning for this offshoot can be read in Newsletter 14: Nap Time in Mughal India.

In the following galleries, three scholars select their favourite paintings depicting deep slumber, rest and leisure and offer insightful nap-time stories.

September 2022

Canopies & Courtyards

Take a leisurely stroll through a painted landscape of deep sleep

"The slumberous king of Hind"

Pasha M. Khan selects a folio from

"The dream of Zulaykha"

Nicolas Roth selects a Mughal folio

from the Amber Album